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When you join LLBs Producer Circle you will have access to:

  • Access to all premium LLB video courses, designed to boost your creative and financial capabilities.

  • Weekly live calls: ranging from in-depth beat critiques, Q&A sessions, and guest speakers, all aimed at helping you to skyrocket your music career.

  • Access to my best selling premium kits that can only be found on, saving you time and money getting the best sounds.

  • Access to in-depth and un-cut tutorials that are tailor made for circle members only, So that you can get all of the producer sauce in easy to follow place!

  • Placement opportunities: weekly beat packs that get sent out 100s of artists every Sunday & Wednesday, let’s get you all some placements!

  • Daily drops: daily loops, one shots, drums, MIDI, presets, and much more.

  • Content collaboration: regular opportunities to collaborate and get yourself featured on my YouTube channel and other platforms.

  • Access to my e-book “The Internet Producer Masterclass”, a definitive guide to help you curate a successful music career from the comfort of your home studio.