A Day In The Life Of A YouTuber & Music Producer

A Day In The Life Of A YouTuber & Music Producer

What's good peeps, so I thought I'd take you through a typical day for me as a producer who also makes a lot of video content for youtube and other socials,

you can catch the full video below:

I'm not gonna lie, it's not as glamorous as you might think,

so I get up around 8:30, sometimes little earlier if I'm feeling good, sometimes a little later if I've had bad nights sleep. But yeah man gotta get those 8 hours in!

once I've dragged myself out of bed then I gotta get the day going, set myself up for the day.

I'll start out with a lil coffee, and a HEAVY shake which has been a game changers, seriously.

throw a banana in there, some honey, peanut butter, protein powder, any flavor will do, add a some oats, top it up with some soya milk, blend it, and boom!

you can thank me later,

but yeah I don't normally do a whole lot during this time, just write out in my notes what I need to get done for the day, listen to a podcast - the Diary of a CEO is a banger! - But yeah just a quick 15 minutes to get my head in the right place for the day.

next up in the routine is the gym, I'll normally get out there mid morning,

It kind of throws my whole day off if I can't get into the gym at some point during the day, almost like its a prediction of whether Imma have a productive day or not.

but yeah once we're done in the gym, I'll head back, grab a shower, make a cup of tea (if you're British then you know the vibes). And yeah I'll turn my Phone to do not disturb and just be creative for an hour or so,

I'll make a beat, make a couple loops, practice the guitar, practice on the keys, just anything musical to keep working on my craft.

Everything that I've built so far has stemmed from producing so that's something I never want to neglect, which can be hard sometimes because there's so many other things to juggle with it, like filming, editing, marketing, replying to emails DM's etc... so I'll always just switch off and focus on being creative for at least one hour out of the day.

next up is light tasks, so I'll take an hour or so to reply to comments on IG, YouTube Tik Tok etc... I'll do other tasks like replying to emails, getting back to companies if they have reached out to sponsor a video, and yeah just general housekeeping to keep as many doors open as possible!

alright second to last task of the day is to make some content, so I'll either do some filming for a YouTube video, take some pictures for socials, or film some reels and Tik Toks, although I've been sleeping on Tik Tok recently,

This takes up a good chunk of time, cause I'll maybe have to do some research for a video, spend time breaking down beats, or co ordinating other producers if I'm doing a collab video, this can take anywhere between 1/3 hours.

last task of the day is to edit, so this can be anything from editing a YouTube video, to editing a quick reel, to making thumbnails and uploading.

but yeah once I'm done editing, and uploading, then I'm done for the day!

I prefer to get out of the studio and do something, literally anything, go out for food, go to the cinema etc...

by the way, Avatar, is a banger!!

but yeah I'll be done around 7/9ish, so I'll head out for a couple hours and just do something leisurely before calling it for the day.

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